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The Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine

The Accreditation Commission on Colleges of Medicine is an independent, not for profit organisation based in the Republic of Ireland. ACCM is invited by Governments of countries that may not have a national medical accreditation body, to act on their behalf in relation to the accreditation of specified medical education programmes within their jurisdiction.

The ACCM is a medical accreditation body with members (Commissioners) who are senior medical educators plus a lay member representing the public. They see their work as a contribution to the global effort to ensure quality medical education. The Commission is independent of the countries it serves and of the education programmes it inspects and accredits.


Latest News

In-Person Teaching (Covid-19)

Posted 17th January 2022

The ACCM wishes to clarify that it does not mandate any of its accredited medical schools to insist on in person teaching of students or risk losing its accreditation status.
This is a matter for each school given the risk profile for contracting Covid-19

Work to relaunch USMLE Step 2 CS discontinued

Posted 27th January 2021

The ACCM Standards of Accreditation for Schools of Medicine have been updated and can be viewed in the dropdown menu in the website.

A summary can be found here.

Posted 14th January 2021

The accreditation process for a new school cannot be completed until an on-site inspection has taken place.

Guiding Principles for ACCM Operation during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted 19th November 2020

Guiding Principles for Re-entry of Medical Students into the Clinical Learning Environment

Academic Medicine COVID-19 Collection
Academic Medicine has created an online collection of all published content related to COVID-19. Please check back regularly, as the collection will be updated frequently as new articles are published.

Resources for Medical Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic
For guidance and resources from the AAMC and its partner organizations and ways to connect with the AAMC and your colleagues across the country to share best practices and lessons learned, visit this new resource hub focused on medical schools.

Posted 27th July 2020