ACCM Accreditation Commission

Complaints about quality of educational programme

Medical schools are required to have a clearly published complaints or grievance procedure which is accessible to students.  All complaints should first be addressed to the medical school

ACCM has a written procedure for handling complaints about educational programme quality.  Only complaints which indicate non-compliance with accreditation standards will be investigated.  Complaints must be submitted in writing, giving as much detail as possible of the matter in question.

ACCM will not intervene in internal matters such as admissions, appointments, promotions or dismissals.  Anonymous complaints will not be considered.  The identity of a complainant is kept confidential insofar as possible, although there may be circumstances in which confidentiality cannot be maintained.  In this case the complainant will be asked to sign an authorisation to release any relevant documentation or information as required.

For more details on ACCM's procedure for handling complaints about educational programme quality, please write to the ACCM Secretariat.